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4 Sensory Training Ideas 四個簡單動作刺激BB感官+好奇心!

Our Petite Story Baby Sensory Training


Sensory training is an important part of brain development, we have a some simple ideas that can be done at home with your little ones! Enjoy the precious moments whilst your baby explores their little world!

  • Throw a big smile at your baby, touch their tiny hands, feet and little forehead. Observe how they wiggle and react to your touch and voice.

  • Hold your baby up both facing a mirror, tap the mirror and say their name. Your baby will gradually begin to understand who the cutie in the mirror is.

  • When diaper changing, touch different body parts of their body accompanying with a “BEEP” sound! Baby may start following your hand and anticipating touch.

  • Flip though family photos or a magazine with baby. Point at all smiling faces to baby.


感官訓練對大腦發展十分重要,以下有一些簡單有趣的 idea 與大家分享,可以和您的寶寶一起在家中試試!在寶寶探索小世界的同時,享受珍貴的時刻! 

  • 對住bb微笑,摸摸手仔,腳仔和前額。 留意bb如何擺動,對觸摸和聲音有什麼反應。

  • 同bb對著掛牆鏡,指著他鏡內影子 ,講出他的名字。 bb會隨著時間開始了解鏡子裡的「他」是誰。

  • 換尿片時,觸摸bb身體的不同部位並說「嗶」一聲,bb會開始看著你的手並期待觸摸。

  • 同bb一齊翻閱家庭照片或雜誌, 指出所有笑臉。

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*This article does not provide medical advice, it is intended for informational purposes only.

* 本文所提供的信息僅供一般參考之用,並不是任何醫學建議。