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Grahams Natural Alternatives

Grahams Natural Alternatives range was formed by Geoff Graham from his own personal, lifelong experience suffering from Eczema. Geoff was reported as one of the worst cases of eczema as a 3 month old baby in the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Geoff's story is a touching family story, where his desperate need to produce a natural and effective solution to treat Eczema, for his son Ryan. Geoff and his wife Shannon spent 17 years formulating products, mixing only the highest quality natural ingredients that Geoff has found effective on himself, to treat a variety of different types of skin problems.

With a lot of trial and error, they finally developed the C+ Cream for the relief of Eczema and Dermatitis. They then developed Grahams Bath Oil which has gone on to be one of most popular and effective Body & Bath Oils on the market to date.

"We got amazing results, both for Ryan and myself." Geoff hopes the natural range will help all who suffer from skin conditions.

Grahams Natural Alternatives產品是由Geoff Graham親身製成的,背後有個感人的家庭故事。Geoff 3個月大就不幸患上嚴重濕疹,當時被澳洲墨爾本皇家兒童醫院例為最嚴重的濕疹病例之一,他一生受盡濕疹的折磨。

不幸地,他的兒子Ryan 也患上濕疹,才剛14個月大已經從頭到腳被濕疹覆蓋。Geoff 與太太 Shannon 急切希望為Ryan找出自然有效的解決方案來治療濕疹。 他們花了17年的時間來研究,混合Geoff親身所用過而有效的最優質天然成分來配製出治療各種不同皮膚問題的產品。

經過反複試驗,他們終於成功研製出C +面霜,以緩解濕疹和皮膚炎。其後,他們再研發了Grahams沐浴油,該油一直是迄今為止市場上最受歡迎和有效的身體和沐浴油之一。

「我和Ryan都得到驚人的果效。」 Geoff希望這些天然配方會對所有遭受皮膚疾病困擾的人有所幫助。