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Romper Short Sleeve Yellow Sleepy Head

Romper Short Sleeve Yellow Sleepy Head

Baa Baa Sheepz
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Baa Baa Sheepz® Bamboo Romper

~ The Award-Winning Bamboo Wear ~ 

Product Features

  • Breathable, doesn’t stick to the skin
  • Its natural bactericide action keeps bad smells away
  • It avoids allergies as it is ecological and not itchy
  • It dries quickly and doesn’t need to be ironed
  • Ecological and healthy alternative to synthetic fabric
  • Very resistant and long-lasting
  • 透氣,不粘皮膚
  • 其天然的殺菌作用可防止異味
  • 防過敏,防止寶寶感到痕癢
  • 快乾,不需熨燙
  • 天然無添加劑物料,比合成纖維更環保
  • 非常堅固,使用壽命長

Material 物料 
Certified Eco-Friendly Fabric 經認證的環保物料
95% Bamboo 竹纖維
5% Spandex 氨綸 

Washing Instructions 洗滌說明

  • Machine wash cold 機器冷洗
  • Shape clothing while it is wet 衣物尚濕時把形狀還原
  • Tumble dry low 低溫烘乾
  • Do not bleach 不可漂白
  • Do not dry clean 不可乾洗
  • Do not iron 不可熨燙